EEQ 11.06  0.18%
EEP 11.06  0.36%
ENB 33.12  0.36%

Recognizing a Leak

If a pipeline leak involving crude oil, natural gas or natural gas liquids occurs, you might see:

  • Dirt being blown or appearing to be thrown into the air
  • A white vapor stream or mist-like cloud over the pipeline
  • Unexpected frost or ice on the ground
  • Continuous bubbling in wet or flooded areas
  • Dead or dying vegetation in an otherwise green area
  • Discolored snow or vegetation
  • A dry area in a wet field
  • Flames coming from the ground or appearing to burn above ground
  • Liquid on the ground
  • Oily sheen on water surfaces

You might hear a roaring, blowing or hissing sound.

You might smell an unusual skunk or rotten egg odor.